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New Yogis

We warmly encourage all newbies & love to spread the benefits of Bikram yoga far & wide! RELAX! You will love the benefits you are about to receive.


  • Sometimes your body needs time to adjust to the heat, try to stay in the studio for the full 90 min.  

  • ​You can sit or lie down at any time, & join back in when you are ready. Be kind to yourself.

  • ​Wear breathable sports clothing. Avoid baggy! Shorts are best.

  • ​​​Bring water flask/bottle - refills can be purchased at the studio. (We don't sell plastic bottled water).

  • Bring 2 large towels, or rent at the studio. Yoga mats can be rented if you don't have your own.​

  • Hydrate: drink plenty of water in the 24 hours before class, as you will sweat. 

  • ​Avoid eating for minimum 2 hours before class.

  • ​Please complete a registration/waiver form & advise the teacher of health conditions/injuries before your session.​​​

  • Come with a smile & no expectations. We all sweat the same no matter who we are, sweat is only fat crying!

  • Remember, yoga is a practice. You have the rest of your life to keep trying the right way.


It can take a few sessions to 'acclimatise' to the heat; generally 3-4 sessions over a 2 week period will suffice for your body to adjust to the initial opening up and detoxification stage- hence our  3 week INTRO offer.  You will quickly start to feel & see the benefits of Bikram Yoga.

About: New Yogis


Bikram's Beginners Series is a sequence of 26 Hatha yoga Asanas (postures) & 2 breathing exercises practised in heat: 40 Deg C & 40% humidity. Sessions are suitable for all ages & levels of ability. In 90 min each posture is designed to systematically & progressively work every joint, tendon, muscle, ligament, gland & organ whilst sending oxygenated blood throughout the body. Your system is reset back to the way mother nature intended! 

Bikram Choudhury, from the Bishnu Ghosh lineage developed the series to deliver TOTAL health & well-being. Thus helping prevent illness & injury, promote weight loss & limit the ageing effect, mentally & physically. The postures combine various skills: patience, determination, concentration, balance & self control. These in turn will promote better mental strength & help you de-stress.

HEAT strengthens the cardiovascular system by increasing the heart rate, whilst massaging the deep tissues, glands, organs...resulting in significant improvement of all systems & eliminating toxins. Also there is less chance of injury, it aids muscle elasticity& detoxifies.

After a session you will feel energised & cleansed. Over time your flexibility, core body strength, balance & stamina will increase.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduces back & neck pain by improving spinal integrity

  • increases endurance & stamina, muscle tone & flexibility                               

  • improves your sleep cycle

  • Burns fat & increases metabolism

  • strengthens immune system, reduces stress, anxiety, depression

  • Builds strength & endurance, increasing energy levels

  • improves balance, coordination & core strength

  • complete body detox

  • tones & strengthens every muscle

  • alleviates joint aches & pains

  • improves functioning of digestive, endocrine, nervous & immune system

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Yin yoga involves a series of long-held, passive poses that mainly work the lower body - hips, pelvis, thighs, lower spine & deep fascia. These areas are rich in connective tissues. Poses are held for between 2 - 5 minutes. Yin is passive. During the asanas, muscles are relaxed to avoid muscle spasm. 
Yin poses are also designed to improve the flow of qi (chi) the subtle energy that, according to Chinese medicine, runs through the meridian pathways of the body. It is suggested that these meridians are created by our connective tissue & that the improved flow of qi improves organ health, immunity, & emotional wellbeing.
Main principles when practising Yin yoga:
- Find an appropriate depth: move slowly & gently into the pose hold without discomfort.
-Stillness: consciously try to release into the pose & remain still.
-Hold for 2-5 minutes. If you need to adjust after holding for a while do so, backing off or moving deeper.
-Use slow calm breathing to enter, hold and come out of postures gently and slowly.
Benefits of a regular Yin yoga practice
-Increases circulation and improves flexibility
-Calms, balances the mind & body
-Reduces stress &anxiety 
-Releases fascia
-Encourages deep relaxation
-Improves joint mobility
-Brings balance to the organs through meridian stimulation
Yin is a perfect complement for those with a regular Bikram practice.

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