ARGI+ gives you the energy to keep going all day and deliver optimal performance. Argi+ contains the perfect blend of the amino acid L-Argine and several synergistic vitamins. Mixed with the right amount of water it is just what you need when practising high-intensity sport. Argi+ tops up energy levels in the body allowing you to keep going all day long

We are proud to be distributers for FOREVER ALOE products

BYHB Hot Box has now partnered with FOREVER ALOE and we are selling some products, gels, lipsalves, tea etc in the studio. For a complete inventory of these products please visit our online shop. click n pay and your goodies will be delivered to your door....easy! Here's the link -

Aloe vera has powerful benefits that will help you look better and feel better inside and out. From aiding in digestion to soothing and conditioning the skin. Aloe vera is a nutritionally rich plant that supports immunity and is an ideal digestive aid.

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